Being Grateful For the Things We Often Take For Granted

attitude-of-gratitudeHow have you been when it comes to being grateful since the last time your were reminded how great life is?  Seriously, when was the last time you actually gave some thought to all the things you have that you should be grateful for? For some, it might have been last year at this time! Oh – but not you of course, and lol, not me either but, you know, other people.

If you’re like most people, even if it was sooner ago than that, it may have been awhile.

Gratefulness is often overlooked because we take things for granted. When we live in abundance, it’s easy to take things for granted and that is exactly why not many people pay attention to how fortunate we are and “forget” to be grateful.  Maybe that’s the real reason why we need a holiday to remind us all of how good life is to us.

Take just a few minutes to think about what you have to be grateful for. Here are some things you might have to be grateful for.  I’m sure most of us can come up with even more.

  • How about your family – Are you loved?  Do you love someone? Do you still have family who lives nearby? Still have your Mother?  Your Father? Sister? Brother? Children? Grandchildren? Friends? How about your pets?
  • How’s your health?  Are you in good shape?  Are you dealing with a health issue? I’m assuming you are alive? Do you have medical care? A health care provider you can trust?  Medications for any health issues?  A healthy diet?  Clean water to drink? The ability to exercise? The ability to walk, see, hear, and communicate?
  •  Are you working? Do you have a job?  Earn enough to get by?  Have benefits? Dependable income? Nice boss? Great place to work? Good people to work with?
  • Money – How are you finances?  Are your basic needs met?  Electricity working? Are you able to put food on the table?  Clothing?  Is your credit in good shape? Do you have a home?  A car?  Furnishings? Electronics? Cable TV, Internet? Family vacations?  Do you have any assets? Savings? Ability to help others by donations you make to causes that are important to you?

These kinds of things are often taken for granted. Your health is a great example of this. You may not think about your health until you start to have issues. How many people around you are dealing with pain issues, mobility problems, are overweight or are suffering with a major health complications. You should be grateful for the current state of your health, and you should be taking actions to maintain it.

Whether you’ve got your dream job or are doing something you don’t really love, having the ability to an income allows you to give your family food, shelter and warmth. For some people, these things are a daily struggle. Be grateful for the ability to earn and the ability to take whatever steps toward are necessary to getting your dream job!

While you may not be rich, and who doesn’t wish for more money, be grateful for what you do have. Everyone has something they are proud of, be grateful for it. If you are managing to pay your bills and rent or mortgage on time, that’s great! Are you able to feed your family and put clothing on the your children? Be grateful for that!  Again, these are things that are very difficult for some people to manage.

You may not be totally satisfied with your life. Most of us aren’t.  Take some time to think about those things you do have and then be grateful for whatever it is.

5 Tips for becoming more grateful:

  • Stop dwelling on the “what if’s” and the “don’t have’s” in life.
  • Focus on your family and your health.
  • Take an inventory of everything you have.
  • Spend some time on “doing for others”.
  • Tell someone you are grateful for them.

Some people find it helpful to keep a Gratitude Journal. This is really just a daily record of life’s little blessings but this one comes along with some insightful prompts, inspiring quotes and of course, ample room for reflecting on all the things that make life so great.

I appreciate you!








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