Just Relax

I’ve been so stressed out today! I know we all have days like this. I really needed to just relax for 30-60 minutes but it’s very hard for me to shut my brain down so I can do so! Are you like that too when you’re stressed? Well, as things often go… just when I needed it most, someone shared a website with me that had a really wonderful and relaxing music video. I started listening and it began relaxing me right away. It’s a soft jazz sort of sound along with a video featuring some relaxing nature scenes and meditative inducing graphics. It helped me to relax and I felt rejuvenated after a 30 minute mental shut down.

I enjoyed it so much I just had to share it with you. If you are stressed out and having trouble relaxing too… I suggest you make yourself cozy and comfortable, sit back in your chair and let yourself unwind while you watch this mind relaxing video or better yet, lay down, close your eyes and let the music help your mind drift into a relaxed state.
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Leigha Baer

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